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Painting during your stay at Green Cottage Chamarel


On the winding road leading to the village of Chamarel simply park your vehicle on one of the lay-bys and admire the panorama that unfolds at your feet, in nuances of blue and green.

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Bird Watching from a Cottage Mauritius, not far from Chalets Chamarel

Bird Watching

Regardless of your experience in bird watching, you are sure to enjoy admiring them in their natural habitat in the grounds of Green Cottage.

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Golf in Mauritius – Chamarel Mauritius activities

Golf In Mauritius

Green-Cottage Chamarel is  located just 35 minutes away from 3 amazing courses; the Heritage Golf Club, the Avalon Golf Club and the Tamarina Golf Club.

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Things to do in Chamarel : Biking from a Mauritius heaven villa at Chamarel in Mauritius.

Biking - Mauritius, Mauritius as a Destination, Things to do in Chamarel

At Green-Cottage Chamarel, we can introduce you to enthusiastic guides who would help you discover authentic and unique facets of Mauritius.

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Dolphins in Mauritius: A daily event not to be missed!

Dolphin watching

Summer or Winter, the water temperature is warm so why not enjoy a sea trip during your stay at Green Cottage. Just 20 minutes away by car, Tamarin Bay offers one of the most beautiful and unforgettable shows for dolphin watching. To make sure you don't miss it, we advise you to go there early in the morning, as from 6 a.m.

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Deep sea fishing in Mauritius

Looking for an exciting activity to do near Green Cottage?

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Snorkelling in Mauritius


The coral reef encircling the Island makes it an excellent destination for snorkelling.

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Deep sea fishing in Mauritius

Deep Sea Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing

Mauritius is one of fishing’s paradise Islands and not many anglers are aware of what it has to offer, the Local Blue Marlin record stands at an impressive 1430lbs.

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Some places of worship in Mauritius

Visiting a Church/ Mosque/ Temple

As a multicultural island, Mauritius has a multitude of places of worship that can be visited.

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Amazing things to do when you travel, Amazing things to do when you travel, Amazing things to do when you travel, Amazing things to do when you travel, Chasing waterfalls

Waterfalls are breath-taking and picturesque enough to help you up your Instagram game and catch every nature admirer’s attention.

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