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Mauritius Cottages

Green Cottage is part of a growing trend for a more authentic holiday, far from the madding crowds. Connect with nature in this place of natural beauty.

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Villa Chamarel

If you’re looking for the seclusion and privacy of a private villa in Chamarel, Green Cottage is the place for you. You will have exclusive use of the entire property during your stay.

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Things to do in Chamarel

Things to do in Chamarel For outdoor pursuits, local cuisine and an authentic experience, Chamarel is ideal. There are a multitude of things to do, for all age groups. The Seven Coloured Earths is a striking geological formation, that is... View Article

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Waterfall tourism

Amazing things to do when you travel, Chasing waterfalls, Chasing waterfalls, Chasing waterfalls, Chasing waterfalls

Waterfalls are breath-taking and picturesque enough to help you up your Instagram game and catch every nature admirer’s attention.

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