Chamarel Painting from the Green Cottage Chamarel


On the winding road leading to the village of Chamarel simply park your vehicle on one of the lay-bys and admire the panorama that unfolds under your feet, nuances of blue and green in the foreground or back ground.

From Green-Cottage Chamarel at your feet will unfold the contours of the valley and the majestic Black River Peak.



  1. Understand the light direction, if you don’t have that strong directional light, you won’t be able to see the shadows.
  2. Use a viewfinder to set up your composition or cut a rectangle out of a piece of cardboard (like a shoebox lid) and use it to visually crop your subject.
  3. Always begin drawings along the edges first, this will ‘anchor’ your drawing in place and keep you running out of space later on.
  4. Check line angles with your pencil, this is a great way to get correct perspectives lines, edges of building or anything really.
  5. Close one eye to flatten out the image, this helps because it eliminants depth perception and make the subject you’re drawing appear flat.