Where is Chamarel Mauritius


Writers/Authors/Freelance Editors/Bloggers from a Mauritius Cottage or holiday lodge.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, might be true, but Chamarel with its enchanting colours, authentic village feel, peacefulness and quietness will no doubt get the creative juices flowing.

Due to its remoteness or its quietness the Green-CottageChamarel silence will allow you to pursue an idea or even a phrase easily….

Thecoma trees forest or some distant noise coming from the Chamarel village further down below the Cottage may disturb you.


Tips to write your novel:

  1. Choose your deadline and writing goal.
  2. Prepare before you write.
  3. Know your characters.
  4. Use the right tools while writing your novel.
  5. Schedule time to write and actually write.
  6. Write first, edit later.
  7. Write fast.
  8. Connect with it.
  9. Take creative breaks.
  10. Don’t give up.