Bird Watching from a Cottage Mauritius, not far from Chalets Chamarel


Whether you are a young birder, an enthusiastic one or even a hard-core birder, you will enjoy bird watching in their natural habitat and this can be done with or without your bird watching gear on the 3Ha of Green-Cottage Chamarel property.

Next to the house a” Paille en queue bird/birds” has recently made a nest, it is apparently not the first time and hope that we will be enjoying this, year after year.

Tips for bird watching in Mauritius:

Use these tips to see more birds, have more fun.

  1. Be quiet, birds are easily startled by noises and will flee to comer.
  2. Avoid sudden movements, just as loud noises startle birds, so does sudden movement.
  3. Follow the crowd.
  4. Study habitat.
  5. Work the flocks.
  6. Be patient.
  7. Get the sun at your back.
  8. Try pushing