Golf in Mauritius – Chamarel Mauritius activities


But those, like me, who love hitting a golf ball, the Green-Cottage Chamarel, a self-catering Mauritius Cottage  located just 35 minutes away from 3 amazing courses, the Heritage Golf Club, the Avalon Golf Club or Avalon Golf Mauritius and the Tamarina Golf Club.

The Heritage has some unique and challenging features including the rivers that run though it and you can enjoy a magnificent view of both the breath-taking colours of the Ocean and the surrounding Mountains. The course where the Mauritius Open takes place in collaboration with the European/Asian & Sunshine Tour.

Avalon is one of the newest on the paradise Island of Mauritius, with its natural contours enhance the course but also bring character to the game.

Tamarina, a par 72 is a challenging course that undulates over 43 hectares of rugged savannah land framed with mature trees and crossed by the rampart river and some holes have great views over the crisp blue Tamarin Bay.


Is golf a sport?
Writer Mario Santos Davidson, listed all the reasons why golfing is actually a sport – debunking that it doesn’t require lots of physical exertion.

  1. Difficulty
  2. Physically demanding
  3. Skill

So many factors go into every single shot, that no matter how low you play the sport, no two shot will ever be exactly the same. This must be done within 40 seconds.

2.Physically demanding:
Golfers must walk about 5 miles during a typical round & twisting and turning your spine 40 times in a day requires some serious agility and athleticism.

Short game is the part of golf that is probably most reliant on natural talent& ability.