SAFE TRAVELS : Mauritius Protocol for the New Normal

To All our Guests,

We await you, as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can and we will be doing what we were doing before everything got cancelled.
– Increase cleaning, obviously
– Washing of sheets/towels in hot water
– Regular cleaning of taps, doorknobs, light, switches etc…
– Supplying paper towels in the kitchen / toilets for guest to dry their hands
– Ensuring guests use only their own hand towel in the bathroom
– Using alcohol-based cleaner

Below are the additional measures committed to the Mauritius Protocols for the New Normal :

– Provide masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for our guests.
– Our personal will wear masks, gloves and wash their hand & follow our sanitary protocol
– Keep a distance, not shaking hands or hugging
– 2 days break between guests at first, until we are back to normal
– Follow the best cleaning protocol of hosting platforms